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Touch Wellness is a Bay Area Wellness Company specializing in chair massage in the workplace. A skilled chair massage professional will come to your location and set up in a designated room to provide a comfortable, relaxing and rejuvenating upper body chair massage. Our massage is designed to facilitate circulation and promote overall relaxation and wellbeing. Our practitioners can also teach simple exercises that can be done at a workstation, and ergonomic advice is also available at some locations. 

Feel the difference circulation makes. 
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Location:UCSF Mission Bay - Mission Hall (Room 5600) change

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  • A Workplace Wellness Program (UCSF Mission Bay)

    Chair massages every other Tuesday (until further notice) from 11am - 4pm in Mission Hall, 550 16th Street, Room #5600 on the 5th floor. There will not be any reminders of the massage location unless there has been a room change, in which case you will receive a separate email.
    Please note: If you do not already work in this building, we will need to put your name at the security's desk so you can access the elevator. Please send us an email to inform us that this is required, by Friday before the massage day.

    We are now requiring payment at the time of booking.
    Cost is $20.00 for a single session (15min massage) and $40 for a double session (30min massage). 

    GIFT CERTIFICATE (paper form) customers - Please email us at your GC number and preferred time and we will book the session for you. You may schedule online if you have an online version of gift certificate. 
    • 15 min massage $20
      Upper body, acupressure-style massage designed to facilitate circulation. *price will go up to $20 starting November 2016
    • 30 min massage $40
      30 min, upper body, acupressure style massage designed to facilitate circulation. *price will go up to $40 starting November 2016
    • exercise instruction Free
      simple upper body stretches that can easily be done at your workstation and increase circulation.
    • ergonomic advice/coaching Free
      ergonomic tips, body mechanics advice and coaching to help you avoid repetitive stress injury.

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550 16th Street, San Francisco, CA