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Touch Wellness is a Bay Area Wellness Company specializing in chair massage in the workplace. A skilled chair massage professional will come to your location and set up in a designated room to provide a comfortable, relaxing and rejuvenating upper body chair massage. Our massage is designed to facilitate circulation and promote overall relaxation and wellbeing. Our practitioners can also teach simple exercises that can be done at a workstation, and ergonomic advice is also available at some locations. 

Feel the difference circulation makes. 
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  • Monthly Chair Massages - Realty Shares

    Once a month on the third Friday of the month. Chair massages are 15 minutes in length. Modality may vary depending on the practitioner available on any given day.
    You may access your appointment up to 12 hours prior to your appointment. If you must modify or cancel your appointment time after that, please make the change directly on the schedule sheet, which will be posted in the kitchen area the morning of massage day.
    • 15 min massage Free
      Upper body chair massage designed to facilitate circulation.

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